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Cosmetic Dentistry

A confident, attractive smile is perhaps the best accessory anyone can possess. If your smile is crooked, stained or gapped, you may feel too self-conscious to smile in photos or social situations. We have beautiful solutions! Our dentists are skilled in providing a range of high-quality cosmetic dentistry services. They can transform your appearance with the following:
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  • Crowns and Bridges – These restorations can beautifully restore your smile. Bridges can fill in the space that exists due to a lost tooth. Crowns cover teeth that have been damaged.
  • Smile Makeovers – Our dentists have a special interest in giving smile makeovers to our patients. You can choose from our many cosmetic services to achieve your dream smile. We will work within your budget to rejuvenate your appearance.
  • Teeth Whitening (in-chair and take-home) – Over time, teeth can darken due to drinking coffee, tea or red wine, consuming tobacco and taking certain medications. Thanks to our teeth whitening options, you can erase years of stubborn stains and achieve a brilliant smile. We offer in-chair whitening for quick results, or a take-home kit so you can whiten when you want. Be on the lookout for upcoming teeth whitening specials!
  • Veneers – For a celebrity smile, consider veneers, which can conceal various tooth imperfections. These include teeth that are broken, chipped or discoloured. Also referred to as shells, veneers can give you the stunning smile you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Dental Implants – If you are seeking a long-lasting and natural-looking solution to your missing tooth dilemma, dental implants are ideal.

Achieve That Head-Turning Smile

Are you wondering which of our cosmetic dentistry services can best help you get the look you want? Our team of professionals has many years of expertise to help you choose. During your consultation, you’ll meet with one of our dentists to discuss your smile-transformation goals. Then, we’ll give you our recommendations to help you best achieve them.

Want to Learn More?

We can do amazing things to improve your smile with in your budget! A simple change to your smile, can make a huge difference to your confidence. Often, we recommend a combination of services. We’ll happily review all of the options available so you’ll be entirely informed before proceeding. Contact us today to book a consultation for cosmetic dentistry Port Kennedy!


* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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